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This forum is for those who love military style roleplays. We work in close relationship with a "sister" forum called Freelance Roles.
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 Ribbons and other awards.

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Ribbons and other awards. Empty
PostSubject: Ribbons and other awards.   Ribbons and other awards. EmptySat Apr 02, 2011 11:19 am

Each Ribbon can be earned a total of 10 times, the initial earning of the ribbon is just the ribbon. The next 3 unlocks are with bronze stars, the next three are silver stars with a change from "Distinguished" to "Veteran" and the last three are from "Veteran" to "Senior" with 3 gold stars.

Distinguished Recruiter - Recruit 2 members to the forums.

Distinguished Member - Get promoted beyond Private
3 gold stars = Senior and Forum rank of Second Lt.

Distinguished Warfighter - Post 5 times in each time range.

Honorable Member - Earn a Gold Star with any ribbon.
There is no Distinguished, Veteran, or Senior Ranking of this ribbon

Distinguished World War Fighter - Post 5 times in the 1900-1945 time range

Distinguished Cold War Fighter - Post 5 times in the 1946-1999 time range.

Distinguished Modern Fighter - Post 5 times in the 2000-2045 time range.

Distinguished Future Fighter - Post 5 times in the 2046+ time range.
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Ribbons and other awards.
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