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This forum is for those who love military style roleplays. We work in close relationship with a "sister" forum called Freelance Roles.
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 We can survive only so long

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Colonel (Commanding Officer)
Colonel (Commanding Officer)

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We can survive only so long Empty
PostSubject: We can survive only so long   We can survive only so long EmptyThu Apr 21, 2011 3:34 pm

Name: Eric Jackson
Rank: Colonel
Age: 35
Service: Army Airborne
MOS: Infantry
Date: 1/15/74

The bunker was quiet except for the lightning spontaneosly erupting over the battlefield. COL. Jackson stood among his 5,000 troops, hunkered down inside the Vinh Military Occupational Establishment. The light flashes, the battlefield is clear, the lightning flashes again and they're upon them, AK's flashing. The firefight began. They began rushing up the hill, luckly being mowed down by the Browning machine gun inside the bunker, but they learned quickly. After they lost a few men, the gunner dissapeared in a burst of bullets and red mist.

"Colonel Calhoon! Get that M-60 up there and keep those NVA's off our ass!"

As he finished, Jackson rose from cover and shot a couple of NVA's running up the hill. Before he could get to cover again, though, a sharp pain in his left shoulder cause him to drop his rifle and fall to the ground. He was shot. He shrugged it off and continued the defense.
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We can survive only so long
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